Loop the Portes du soleil

One of the most asked questions in chalet Mountain Voyages throughout the winter is “how do we do the Loop?” so here it is, all the information you need on camera to get the real feel of what is awaiting you!
If you’re skiing in the Portes du Soleil or are thinking about booking you’re holiday here for the coming winter then watch this video and learn more about how to do our famous “loop” on skis/snowboard.The “Loop” will show you around all that the Portes du Soleil has to offer and will assure you a fabulous days skiing with you’re friends and family covering Avoriaz, Chatel, Switzerland all in one day.

We hope to see you in the snow! #MVvibes


Below are the detailed instructions on how to do the Portes du Soleil loop.

Important information:
Direction: Clockwise directions. This circuit starts in Lindarets (Avoriaz), goes through Chatel, Morgins, Champoussin, Les Crosets and Back to Avoriaz.
Portes du Soleil pass needed.
Doing the circuit this way you will be able to enjoy the best runs with less drag lifts.

Length time:
From 5 to 7 hours counting lunch time.
We strongly recommend to start doing the loop on the first lifts (8:45 – 9 am) so you will have plenty of time to do it at your pace, enjoying the views and a couple of stops for drinks and lunch.

Last lifts back to Avoriaz:
Mossettes-Suisse: 4:30pm
Grand-Conche: 5:30pm
If you do get one of the lifts above you will be able to ride all the way down to Ardent.
After the lifts closing time you won’t be able to come back to Avoriaz, which means that you will probably have to spend the night in Switzerland or get one of the most expensive taxis of your life J.

Documents needed:
It is advisable to take you passport with you as you will be crossing the borders. It is not likely that the authorities will stop you to ask for your passport but if anything happens, an accident or if you are in Switzerland and need to go to the hospital or stay in a hotel for example you will definitely need it.

Weather conditions:
Before starting the loop check on Portes du Soleil app to see if all the lifts are running fine and that the loop is possible. Check also the wind speed, anything above 40km/h can be risky as some lifts might close.
The visibility is also very important, check the weather forecast before hand.
If it is a exceptionally cold day please rethink if it would be a better option to leave it to another day.
Of course that the best day would be with fresh snow and blue skies to be able to see all the views and where you are going of course!

If you are starting from Avoriaz you need to head to Lindarets. If you are starting from any other directions please make sure to check the time of the last lifts and calculate the time needed to get back.

  1. LINDARETS bowl – Take the first lift on your left called CHAUX FLEURIE.
    You can take either the blue or red run down.
  2. You will go across le Plaine Drainse bowl, don’t stop in any of the lifts and take the blue run down which is starts beside the Rochassons lift.
  3. Don’t stop at PIERRE LONGUE, you will have to go further down through this flat but short run and get the PRÉ-LA-JOUX
    *Tip – Get some extra speed and as soon as you see the Pierre longue lift do not attempt to go through the cue of people as on your left when you can already see the pierre longue lift there will be another slope that goes slightly up the hill, this will give you enough speed to get to Pré-la-Joux (300m).
  4. From the top of Pré-la-Joux it is a short ride down to the next lift LES COMBES
  5. From Les Combes you will go to your right hand side, direction the Linga which have blues and red options.
  6. Always keep to you right as you need to take the blue run that ends up at GABELOU.
    This is an up and over lift that ends up in front of THE PORTES DU SOLEIL lift which is another up an over, a little bit scary for some people as it is quite steep but completely safe though.
    *There are nice bars and restaurants around there in case you want a little break.
  7. You will head to the CONCHE but first, enjoy this really wide blue run down.
  8. This is the last lift in France as you are heading to Switzerland. Less than 100m from the top of the Conche you will get LE COURBEAU.
    *Tip – At the top of this lift you will get great views including the mighty MONT BLANC. Selfie time!
  9. Take the blue run down to PRÉ-LA-VIEILLE drag lift.
  10. Another short run to CHALET NEUF 1&2, get ready as this is the longest drag lift in the Portes du Soleil.
    *Tips – don’t drop anything on the way.
  11. This next run from the top of Chalet Neuf can be closed sometimes as it is one of the lowest south facing runs in this circuit, so sometimes the lack of snow (or maintenance) can make you take the chair lift down to MORGINS.
    *Morgins is a nice place to stop for a break as well.
  12. From the bottom of this run, or the chair lift, you can take a short bus ride (2 minutes) or walk (10 minutes) or ski down if the snow conditions are good. You can ski all the way to the other lift over the walk side (quite flat so snowboarders, you know the drill…strap off and walk.
    You are now half way through but underestimate the way back. Make sure you still have a good few hours to go back and have lunch.
  13. Take the LA FOLLEUSE chair lift which also has great views from the top.
  14. Ski all the way down to the BOCHASSES
  15. A nice blue run down to the chair lift AIGUILLE DES CHAMPEYS.
    *Welcome to Champoussin.
  16. A wide red run down to POINTE DE L’AU. This is your last run before heading to France again. As soon as you get one of the 2 lifts available you won’t need another chair lift to get back to the Ardent car park.
    Last lifts back to Avoriaz:
    Mossettes-Suisse: 4:30pm
    Grand-Conche: 5:30pm
  17. Now you are in Les Crosets. The easiest way to get back is through the MOSSETES-SUISSE which closes at 4:30pm.
    *If you hadn’t arranged a pick up time with us you can call us as soon as you are at the top of Mossetes and we will bring you back for some well-deserved wine and hot tub.
  18. From the top of Mossetes it is a long way down so you might consider taking the Ardent bubble down from Les Lindarets in case you are tired, if not just go across the restaurants in Les Lindarets and ski down to the car park to come back or for some drinks at HAPPY HOURS.

Lifts to take in order:

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