It is with big pride that we open our recipe blog today!

Thanks to all of you who have suggested to publish our recipes, for all of  you that have been delighted and curious with our food. We like making your experience at Mountain Voyages chalet very special, that is why every season we come up with different meals, different themed evenings, all for you to be able to taste our newest creations, reflection of our passion for food from all over the world.

This first recipe has been the most requested for a few years now. We have adapted this recipe to ingredients that can be found in supermarkets in Europe, so we believe that anyone can do this at home.

The Brazilian falafel – Acarajé

The Brazilian Falafel has been created by Leo and Lian inspired by the the Acarajé.
The Acarajé is a very popular street food in Salvador – Bahia, where not only the culinary but music and culture have wonderful African influences and hopefully you will be able to taste these Afro-Brazilian flavours with this recipe.
We serve our Acarajé as a starter for the Brazilian evening, followed by cod poached in coconut milk and lime as a main course and then our famous maracujá (south american passion fruit) mousse.
By the way…this is a vegan recipe, to be honest it wasn’t our first intention to make a vegan recipe, but this is the best combination of ingredients that has been created after years of  perfecting it. Meat lovers will love it, veggies and vegans will go crazy about it.

Please see bellow the details of this recipe:


For the Falafel:

1 Cup of raw green lentils
1/2 Cup of raw black eyed beans
1/2 Tin of kidney beans
1 Onion
1 Garlic
Handful of parsley
Handful of coriander
1/2 TSP cumin
Salt and pepper
1 Chilli (optional)

For the Vinagrette:

1 Red pepper
1 Green pepper
1 Yellow pepper
1 Cup cherry tomatoes
1 Avocado
1/2 Red onion
Fresh coriander and parsley to taste
1/2 Lime
Olive oil
Red wine vinager
Salt & pepper


1- Place the lentils and black eyed beans to soak in a bowl of water (preferably over night) changing the water a few times to remove the skin and dirt from the lentils. Once soaked, drain out the water.
2- Place the lentils, black eyed beans, kidney beans, onion, garlic, parsley, coriander, cumin, salt and pepper and a chilli (optional) and blend in the food processor and blend thoroughly into a fine mixture. Set aside.
3- Make the vinaigrette by chopping all the ingredients up; peppers, cherry tomato, avocado and red onion and mix it all together in a bowl. Cut the lime in half and with a juicer squeeze the juice over the Vinaigrette and the olive oil.
4- To deep fry the Falafels: spoon the mix into large quenelles and fry for 5 minutes until golden brown.
5- To serve this dish, slice the Falafel’s open and place onto the plate. Fill them up with the Vinaigrette and serve with a little bit of water cress or lettuce to taste.

We hope you enjoy our recipe.

Soon we will release recipe of cakes, deserts or professional cooking methods easy enough for everyone to be a masterchef at home.

Hope to see you soon,

Leo and Lian.
Owners and hosts of Mountain Voyages chalet.

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